App For Saving Reef Tank Water Parameters

Click here to read the article in which, I introduced at a basic level how frequently to test water parameters in a marine aquarium. In the article you’re currently reading, I will describe how you can make your life easier by using an app to measure parameters. I happen to have co-created this app so it will be easier for me to explain to you the benefits of using it. 

I’m writing about a solution that I’m co-creating for you, and it’s a great pleasure to know that you are using this tool. I put my whole heart into building it and I would like to share this experience with you.

The application is free and can be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play, it’s called Smart Reef.

So let’s get to it!

Why even take notes on the parameters?

I hope this paragraph is unnecessary and everyone understands that cyclic recording of parameters allows on the one hand to know what is currently happening in the tank at the level of chemistry or water biology and on the other hand to manage dosing. If something disturbing happens in the aquarium then we will detect the cause. It is also worth analyzing the trends of the parameters in order to flatten them, i.e. to bring a given parameter to the norm at a constant level at all times.

Why should you keep your records in the application?

The benefits are numerous. First, you don’t have to search for your notes, you have everything at hand. Second, the app has quite a few additional features that give you additional benefits. Smart Reef, which I recommend, has a number of features that give specific benefits. 

I will write about the benefits in the text below.

The picture shows a panel of parameters that we can choose for ourselves in any configuration. What I am presenting are the basic parameters.

After adding indicators, we can immediately see if there are any problems in the aquarium. A given indicator may be outside the appropriate range, i.e. exceed it, or be at too low a level (highlighting the parameter in red). Orange color warns that a given indicator is approaching dangerous levels.

In the details of a given parameter you can see an additional menu, where you will find information on what to do if it goes beyond the appropriate range. We also have a description of a given indicator and a section with a graph where we can see a given parameter in time. 

Additional options of the parameter program include integration with measuring devices and drop tests. We add data to the application manually. We can also automatically import it from devices.

If we have connected measuring devices, then after clicking the plus button, the panel for adding parameters pops up, and in the data fields of indicators connected to the devices, the values from these devices are loaded. If we do not have them, we enter the values manually – after the measurements.

To add a measurement from a drop test, select the plus sign next to the parameter and click on the pop-up window.

We are then shown interactive instructions for taking the test. 

At the end, we enter the value that remains in the syringe or any other value required by the test. The system calculates the result for us and with one click we add the measurement to the parameter panel.


In the article, I presented Smart Reef parameter applications from Reef Factory. As you can see, the benefits of using this free application are many. On top of that, the software offers device integration, and soon integration with dosing pumps. The world is moving forward and these types of solutions simply make our hobby easier.

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