Bacteria Boom in a Marine Aquarium - what to do?

bacteria bloom

Bacterial blooms in a marine aquarium are a common problem. This is especially true for young tanks where the biology of the aquarium has not yet been stabilized. In the aquarium where the bacteria boom occurred, practically nothing can be seen (however, it depends on the degree of advancement).

This condition of the aquarium can adversely affect the animals, causing stress. Therefore, action must be taken immediately to bring the water back to its natural clarity.

When does a bacteria boom occur?

There are several reasons. The most common reason is an overdose of bacteria or bacterial culture.

Corrective action

In such a situation, it’s important not to add any more food for the bacteria or anything else that could make the condition worse. To clarify the water, use a UV lamp of at least 36W. It’s important to remember to set the water flow very low – around 700-800 l/h [180-210 us gal/h].

After 24 hours, the water will look much better and the animals, rock and other elements of the aquarium will become visible again.

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