Phosphates and their importance in marine aquariums

Do you know that managing phosphates is crucial for the health of your saltwater aquarium? Are you wondering where phosphates come from in an aquarium? Learn how to maintain phosphates at an optimal level, how to measure them correctly, and how to respond to their deficiency or excess.

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Saltwater Analysis: ICP-OES or ICP-MS

Analyzing seawater with ICP-OES or ICP-MS techniques? Actually, both analytical techniques let us study the amount and type of elements in seawater. You will learn about how these techniques differ in this article.

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Stable KH and Coral Growth

In the world of marine aquaristics, maintaining stable water parameters is an essential element in ensuring the health, growth, and vibrant coloration of corals. One of the most critical parameters that requires particular attention is carbonate hardness, known as Kh.

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