Cyclic Tasks: Let's Check if Everything Works!

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This article is the first in the series “Cyclic tasks”, that is what we must do regularly in and around a marine aquarium to make sure it functions properly.

In the article What work on the aquarium should be done periodically you’ll find a complete list of tasks, along with links to articles that expand on individual topics.

The article you’re reading right now is intended for beginner aquarists who are looking for the basics of running a saltwater aquarium, or for people considering setting up a tank and want to know how much work it involves.


So what do we need to check?

To make sure that the aquarium is working properly, we check:

  1. The water circulation (if the water’s stopped – check the return pump)
  2. The temperature level
  3. Whether the skimmer is working properly, and whether the cup needs to be emptied and the device cleaned
  4. That the dosing pump and measuring system are working properly
  5. What is the water level in the sump and whether the ATO (automatic top off) works as intended
  6. If there’s a correct amount of RO water in the container
  7. Whether your other devices work fine
  8. Whether the overflow comb and drain strainer are clean and the water drop is working properly
  9. If you use smart devices – check the device panels in the application and notifications



After following these steps, you can rest assured – your aquarium is working properly. Completing the above tasks every day is crucial. The real difficulty here is not in doing them, but in getting into the habit of going through them each day.

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