Growing Coralline Algae. How To Do It Quickly?

coralline algae

Having coralline algae in a marine aquarium is not only an indicator of ecosystem maturity but also a source of pride for many beginning marine aquarium enthusiasts. The presence of coralline algae signals that the aquarium is ready to be inhabited by more demanding corals.

In this article, I will present a simple method to speed up the colonization process of coralline algae in the aquarium.

One effective way to accelerate the growth of coralline algae is to obtain samples from a well-functioning tank belonging to a trusted aquarist. These algae can be easily removed, for example, from the aquarium walls or the filtration chamber (sump).

It is important to dip the received piece of coralline algae before introducing it to our aquarium. This will prevent the accidental transfer of unwanted organisms to our main tank.


zmielony glon wapienny

Once the coralline algae has been dipped, place it in a small container filled with water from your marine aquarium. Next, using a suitable tool, grind the coralline algae into the smallest possible pieces to achieve a consistency resembling ground ingredients.

glon wapienny

In the next step, pour the crushed algae directly into the aquarium. Before doing this, it is a good idea to stop water circulation and movement to allow for an even distribution of the algae on the rock surface.


By using this method, the algae should attach to the rock and colonize our marine aquarium more quickly. Of course, for coralline algae to grow, it is necessary to maintain the proper water parameters, such as levels of calcium, magnesium, strontium, and iodine. Therefore, it is important to ensure the correct concentration of these elements.

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