How to Handle a Power Outage?

A power outage is a problem that can affect each one of ust. Usually, the loss of electricity is unpredictable, so we should be properly prepared for such a surprise. In this article, I will describe how to effectively protect yourself and keep your tank alive.

What happens to the aquarium when the equipment loses power?

When the power is lost, the aquarium stops, there’s no water movement. From then on, the temperature starts to drop, the animals use up the oxygen in the water, and the pH level also gets lower.

Phone notifications about a power outage

It is worth looking for a solution that will allow you to quickly find out that there’s no electricity in the aquarium. Smart devices can be a good call, as soon as they disconnect from the WiFi network, they will send a notification about a possible power outage.

This type of solution will allow you to react quickly, which is crucial in this situation.

How can you get prepared? 

There are several ways to prepare for a power outage:

  1. You can identify key areas in the aquarium and organize a power bank for them. The most important thing in an aquarium is water movement, and therefore the most important device will be the return pump. 
  1. Another important topic is temperature. Therefore, it’s also important to ensure that the device responsible for maintaining the temperature also receives energy when there is no electricity in the house.
  2. Many aquarists supply a backup power generator to which they connect the entire aquarium in the event of a power outage.

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