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Often in aquarium stores, especially from people who have not had much to do with aquarium keeping, you may hear the question: is a marine aquarium difficult to maintain? 

In this article I will try to answer this question and show you what marine aquaristics is. I will share with you the three most important aspects that have a real impact on whether a marine aquarium will be a success. I will also show why failure to follow certain rules can lead to numerous problems and ultimately disappointment for the young beginner aquarist. So what is the difficulty in running a marine aquarium?

First: get the right knowledge

Before buying your first aquarium, first of all, get as much information as possible about how to set up your first saltwater aquarium.  This will allow you to confidently take the first steps on the road to this extraordinary adventure.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the entire beginner section of ReefPedia. We suggest where to start and what equipment you need to buy to make your aquarium work well. You’ll learn what maturing an aquarium is, and how to arrange the rock to ensure proper water circulation. You will learn when, and how to introduce the first animals.

So, on the one hand, Reef Pedia provides proven expert knowledge to understand the rules of marine aquaristics, on the other hand, the Social Reef platform allows you to exchange insights with other aquarists, and show your aquarium to other enthusiasts. 

Getting the right knowledge is the key to success!

Second: patience

Marine aquaristics teaches patience. It has its own rhythm, which consists of periods of action, but also of waiting. After our aquarium becomes operational, there is a long period of maturation, and waiting for the nitrogen cycle to close. This is the time when, aside from replenishing evaporated water, any other interference can do more harm than good. 

Once you have introduced the animals and planned all the necessary processes well, there again comes a period of greater calm. Enjoy your work then, admiring the corals, fish and other creatures living in it. 

In this hobby, we do not rush things.

Third: plan everything and determine your budget

Banal advice, but before you launch an aquarium, think about how much money you want to spend on it. Carefully analyse everything, especially the size of the aquarium. It’s better for you to make a smaller one, but with the certainty that you will take care of it, than to build an excessively large aquarium and be discouraged later by high maintenance costs. 

You can find approximate information on aquarium costs in the article: What is the cost of maintaining a marine aquarium


Knowledge, patience, planning. These are the keys to success in marine aquaristics.

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Later I managed a project aimed at development of methods for quick growth of Corals in non-natural conditions. The project was carried out by Get Sales, Poland. Presently, I am responsible for distribution strategy at Reef Factory, of which I am a co-founder. The company produces smart devices for marine aquaristics. The last projects I have been involved in are Social Reef and ReefPedia.

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