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Jarek Wojczakowski

I have been a marine aquarist for over 8 years. The first marine aquarium fascinated me with this underwater world and showed how many challenges await the aquarist. During this time I learned a lot and used my passion for programming and creating electronic devices to create the Smart reef system. Together with a great team, we have created Reef factory and every day we create solutions that make our work with our marine aquariums easier. By the way, we share our results with a large number of aquarists 🙂

Half a year ago I switched to a new, larger aquarium and became much more interested in the chemistry of seawater. In addition, I am fascinated by automation and making my life easier.

For over 5 years I have been co-creating the Reef Factory company, where I am responsible for the development of devices and software. The company deals with the creation of modern devices and software for marine aquaristics.