New Product Announcement from Reef Factory!

Reef Factory is excited to share some news about their latest projects. The company has announced that they have started working on an innovative product – “salt in a tablet”. Since the beginning, Reef Factory has been focused on transforming the world of marine aquariums to make it more friendly and easier for aquarium enthusiasts. The company’s goal is for marine aquarium owners to spend more time enjoying their aquariums and less time maintaining or servicing them. Over the past five years, Reef Factory has launched more than 20 SMART devices and has developed the most advanced technology application for managing marine aquariums, which is now being upgraded to the Smart Reef 360 approach.

The newly announced product, a salt tablet, aims to provide users with convenience and consistent parameters for preparing saltwater. With this tablet, preparing saltwater becomes quick and easy – just drop a tablet into a bucket with RO water to get 10L of ready-to-use saltwater. There’s no need for prior mixing or weighing of salt, which eliminates the risk of ingredient separation in the bucket.

The R&D chemistry department at Reef Factory will keep updating on the progress of this product. The salt tablet will join the company’s family of chemical products, which includes components, minerals, ICP tests, and droplet tests. Next week, the company plans to provide more details about this project and announce new SMART products and major updates to the Smart Reef 360 app.

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