The new Red Sea ReefCans are Auto Top Off (ATO) reservoirs and are the ideal, space-saving solution for your aquarium furniture!

Sizes and dimensions

The ReefCans are available in two different sizes:

  • ReefCan 18 liter, dimensions 55x9x44 cm 

  • ReefCan 40 liter, dimensions 55x17x50 cm

Red Sea recommends the ReefCan 18 to fit inside their Reefer G2+ 170 and 200 models and the ReefCan 40 to fit inside the cabinet of any of their larger models.
The ReefCan 18 will top off the average 200-litre tank for one week, whereas ReefCan 40 will top off a 500-litre tank for the same period.

How to use it?
The front opening is positioned so you can easily fill up the reservoir without moving it.
In addition, you will no longer need to fiddle with any tubes or cables, as there is a second opening at the rear just for this.
Once you set up the cables, you won’t need to disconnect them except for an occasional pump maintenance.

Why should you buy it?

  • The compact and tall design holds more RO water on less floor space.
  • They fit inside the furniture or behind the aquarium.
  • They feature a transparent plastic housing with a built-in volume indicator, allowing you to see how much water is left.
  • Separate openings for ATO pump cables and water filling.

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Daan van Dijken

Ten years ago, I started setting up a freshwater aquarium. Since then, I always have been fascinated by the underwater world. Together with my wife, we have been fortunate to discover this on many beautiful journeys and explored the magnificent underwater world through diving. In 2023, we have started a 60-liter saltwater aquarium. Soon, we realized that we wanted to further expand our saltwater aquarium hobby, so we switched to a Red Sea Peninsula 650. It's a fantastic aquarium that brings daily joy to me, my wife, and our daughter. I enjoy keeping up with the latest developments in the saltwater world and love exploring how to make my tank even smarter and easier to maintain. As a newcome, I would like to share all my experiences in setting up a saltwater aquarium with you!

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Stefan van Beek

Salt has always run in my blood. From birth, aquariums surrounded me, first at my grandfather's and later at my parents’ place. Now, at the age of 30, I've been able to set up my dream tank, a 160x70x70 peninsula. Corals hold the second spot for me; fish and the entire ecosystem are the reasons I have an aquarium. Nearly a decade ago, I started with my first aquarium, making plenty of mistakes and learning a great deal from them. Since 2021, I've been working at Ocean&Lake in the Netherlands, where I am now fully responsible for the saltwater department.