Reef Factory Introduces Social Reef

Reef Factory has announced the launch of a new feature called Social Reef in their app, Smart Reef. It’s a big day for all marine aquarium enthusiasts.

Social Reef is a dedicated social networking portal created specifically for marine aquarium lovers. Through this platform, users will be able to share information, experiences, and passion with other hobbyists.

The portal offers a range of features, including:

  • posting updates;
  • sharing photos of animals;
  • commenting on and reacting to other user’s posts;
  • making connections and acquaintances.

In the future, Reef Factory plans to introduce even more features to make using Social Reef easier and more enjoyable.

Social Reef will be launched in a separate environment from Smart Reef. A new icon labeled “Wall” will appear in the Smart Reef app on the left panel.

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Grzegorz Bubak

My fascination with marine aquariums began over two decades ago when I stumbled upon an article about this topic in a magazine. Since then, the underwater world has become my obsession and passion, shaping my everyday life. I started my adventure with marine aquariums with soft corals, which were my first step into this fascinating world. Over time, captivated by the diversity and beauty of SPS corals, I decided to focus on their cultivation, which continues to fill me with constant wonder.

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