Revolutionary Smart tester from Reef Factory: unboxing

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Automated measurements of PO4, NO3, Mg, and Ca

Probably every marine aquarist knows how much precision is required to control the water parameters and ensure optimal conditions in the aquarium. What if this work could be fully automated by a smart measuring device? It’s something that hasn’t been done before. Reef Factory has once again taken on the challenge of making your aquarium maintenance easier. They’re launching the long anticipated Smart tester! 

In this article, you will see the premiere unboxing of this revolutionary measurement station! It’s the first opportunity to take a closer look at this innovative device, which allows for very accurate examination of water parameters, and the results can be easily monitored in the dedicated Smart Reef app panel. Reef Factory is a Polish manufacturer of smart devices as well as chemical products for the saltwater aquarium hobby. The company implements innovative solutions that effectively simplify the daily care of aquariums. Among Reef Factory’s products, there are already drop tests for manual measurements and an automatic measurement station for monitoring carbonate hardness in water (KH keeper). This time, Reef Factory focuses on intelligent, hustle free testing of parameters such as PO4, NO3, Ca, and Mg, with more parameters planned to be added in the future. The Smart tester will undoubtedly make waves in the marine aquarist market. Full automation, fantastic precision (from even 0.01 ppm for PO4), and instant access to results via the free, mobile Smart Reef app sound very promising.


The packaging is attractive and sturdy. It’s evident that Reef Factory aims for premium packaging both in terms of the box’s quality and its graphic design. It must be admitted that the first impression is very positive.

The packaging stands out with a modern, clean appearance. Our attention was drawn to the word “SMART.” Taking a closer look, we were pleasantly surprised by the beautifully colored coral reef hidden in the background.

We also noticed a thank-you message for Reef Keepers placed under the lid of the packaging. We appreciate such details, which show the manufacturer’s dedication to creating products for enthusiasts. A great start 😉

What we found inside

  • Smart tester measurement device;

  • measuring cuvette with a magnetic tablet;

  • set of droppers with a mounting tool;

  • AC 110-230V power adapter;

  • DIN rail mounting bracket;

  • calibration and water sampling hoses;

  • water filter with mounting system;

  • RO 50 ml container for rinsing the dropper system;

  • resetting magnet for the device;

  • calibration weight.

Rich equipment gives optimism as to the functionality of this device.

First look

The device has a modern appearance. The compact size of the device itself is another advantage. It’s lightweight, yet it fits comfortably in the hand, making it perfect for regular use. The device’s design is aesthetically pleasing, which will surely be appreciated by enthusiasts who value stylish and clean design.. The Smart tester is a device that allows for planned measurements and easy cartridge replacement with reagents, ensuring seamless usability. If you want to change the tested parameter, all you need to do is replace the cartridge, and you’re ready to go. The manufacturer ensures that cartridges will be available for purchase soon.

Smart tester: summary

In conclusion, the Smart tester from Reef Factory leaves a very positive impression. It appears to be a comprehensive and modern tool that will surely facilitate the daily maintenance of a marine aquarium. Now we’re onto testing  all of its features! 

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