Specialized jellyfish aquariums

Specialized aquariums for jellyfish have been added to TMC’s product line. They’re available in two sizes and can cater for several small species of jellyfish. Naturally, most hobbyists reef tanks contain too much flow for jellyfish to be able to withstand. These specifically designed tanks therefore allow an exciting entry into the fascinating and mesmerizing world of jellyfish keeping.

The name ‘Kreisel’ means a tank that has a circular shape to it which allows for circular water flow.

The tanks have Integrated LED light with a touch sensor switch which also has colour changing modes. An Energy-efficient 5V DC pump delivers the optimum flow for the inhabitants as well as having a built-in filtration system. Due to their size, the Kreisels, due to their delf contained design, are ideal for desktops and counter-top displays.


  • Max Flow Rate 280l/h
  • Pump Power 2w
  • LED Power 4w
  • Volume 10L
  • Dimensions 350 x 120 x 310mm


  • Max Flow Rate 280l/h
  • Pump Power 2w
  • LED Power 6w
  • Volume 15L
  • Dimensions 410 x 140 x 270mm

Due to its size, this Kreisel tank is NOT suitable for keeping all species of jellyfish. Please ensure you thoroughly research the species requirements, i.e. their size, the required temperature and water parameters, before introducing them into these tanks. If you are in any doubt, check with your local marine livestock retailer. Small volumes of water are more sensitive to changes in water parameters and therefore it is not advisable to introduce more than one jellyfish at a time. Ensure you allow each jellyfish to settle in fully, and water parameters are correct, before introducing another. This may take a number of weeks.

The saltwater in which your jellyfish will live is very important. It must be prepared correctly and the right water parameters and temperature for your chosen species of jellyfish must be reached and stable before introducing any jellyfish to this Kreisel.

When you first start your Kreisel, it will have limited existing nitrifying bacteria to process the waste from your jellyfish, therefore harmful ammonia and nitrite levels can increase rapidly. To prevent this sudden build, as will all marine setups,  you will need to ‘cycle’ the Kreisel which involves growing enough nitrifying bacteria to process harmful ammonia, converting them to nitrites and then to less toxic nitrates.

The manufacturer’s recommended species for these tanks include: 

  • Aurelia aurita,
  • Stomolophus meleagris,
  • Phyllorhiza punctata.

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