What to Do When My Aquarium is Leaking?

A leaking aquarium is definitely a crisis situation. It’s important to know what to do in this case. If the aquarium is leaking at a slow pace and we have time to act, we should easily be able to save our animals.


Where do we start?

In such a situation, we need, above all, a second tank to which we will pour water and move the animals. For these purposes, we can use an old aquarium, a barrel, as a last resort, we can even use a bathtub. We must remember that the container must be clean so that it does not release any undesirable substances.

Once we find a clean replacement container, we can pour the water from the leaking tank. When pouring water, we will have to add a heater and a circulator to the container. We will also have to catch all the fish, and move corals and other animals.

After transferring everything to the replacement tank, we run the skimmer, which will oxygenate the water in the tank. If there are not too many fish, the animals will manage in the replacement container and survive for some time, giving us space for the next tasks.

During this time, we can organize a new aquarium and try to quickly start an ecosystem (or part of it) in it or find a new owner for the animals.



I hope you don’t run into a leaking tank problem, but for your peace of mind, make sure you’re prepared for such an emergency. As you can see, the key is a spare tank, which you will be able to quickly adapt to a temporary aquarium for fish and other animals. 

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