Zebrasoma flavescens



The so-called yellow tang is the most popular species in the Acanthuridae family (Zebrasoma/”surgeonfish” genus), which is also the easiest one to maintain. It originally comes from Hawaii, but now you can also buy it from breeding. It looks beautiful in the aquarium. If there are more tangs in the tank, they constitute a hierarchy. It’s good practice to add the most aggressive Acanthuridae at the end. Zebrasomas are considered relatively aggressive. It’s not uncommon for them to fight each other in the same tank, but some aquarists manage to keep larger numbers of surgeonfishes together.

They spend most of their time picking algae from rocks. So if we don’t have algae on the rocks, then the animal should be provided with an algae clip, which they’ll nibble on.

Due to its high price, Zebrasoma Flavescens is not very popular in marine aquariums.

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