• Maximum fish size: 20 cm (7.9″)
  • Temperature tolerance range: 22°C – 28°C
  • Minimum aquarium volume: ~ 500L [132 gal]
  • Advancement level: easy
  • Nutrition: algae, plant foods, frozen foods (artemia, krill, others)
  • Aggression: aggressive towards other Acanthuridae, especially Zebrasomas
  • Reef safety: safe
  • Occurrence: Western Indian Ocean (Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Mauritius, Réunion)


Also referred to as the Mauritian tang, gem tang or spotted tang. Belongs to the Acanthuridae family, Zebrasoma (surgeonfish) genus. Zebrasoma gemmatum is more resistant to water conditions compared to other fish from the same family. If there are more Acanthuridae in the aquarium, they will establish a hierarchy. It’s worth letting in the fish in order from the least to the most aggressive. Zebrasomas are quite aggressive. They can fight each other when in a shared space, but keeping multiple surgeonfish in one tank is still doable.

They spend most of their time picking algae from rocks. So if we don’t have algae on the rocks, then the animal should be provided with an algae clip, which they’ll nibble on.

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