Zoa Pox - How to Deal with It?

Like other coral lovers, zoa enthusiasts take care of their perfect condition. One of the unfortunate afflictions that can cause trouble in zoanthus is Zoa Pox.

How do you know it’s Zoa Pox?

Visible white dots appear on the coral that resemble smallpox. These little pimples irritate the coral. The polyp remains closed and the problem can spread to other colonies.


Many aquarists try to dip the coral to no avail. The remedy that actually works best against this parasite is Furan 2. The treatment with this agent works well even at a very advanced stage of the invasion of this parasite.

How to prepare the treatment?

  1. Take the right amount of water from the tank into the container in which you will immerse the corals. Also pour water from the aquarium into the container in which you will rinse the coral after dipping. Replenish the brine in the aquarium.
  2. Take a glass of water from the aquarium and mix a pack of Furan 2 in it. Pour the solution into the container where you will dip the corals and mix.
  3. Place the zoanthus colony in the solution for 15 minutes. After bathing, dip the coral in the water prepared for rinsing, then put it back into the tank.
  4. For the next two days, repeat this treatment to make sure that the parasite is completely removed. In the following days and weeks, carefully monitor the coral and repeat the treatment if necessary.

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