The most popular NPS in saltwater aquariums

Discover the secrets of non-photosynthetic corals (NPS), which survive in the least lit corners of reefs by getting essential nutrients directly from the water! Our latest article offers practical tips and advice to help any aquarist optimally care for non-photosynthetic corals.

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How to care for Non-Photosynthetic (NPS) corals in the aquarium?

Setting up an aquarium with non-photosynthetic corals (NPS) is more demanding than maintaining photosynthetic corals because NPS require active feeding instead of using photosynthesis. To ensure their healthy growth, frequent feeding, even multiple times a day, effective filtration, and well-planned water circulation are necessary to properly supply and remove food. Lighting in such an aquarium mainly serves an aesthetic function and is not crucial for the corals’ nourishment.

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Coral Feeding

Well-nourished corals have thick tissue, lots of zooxanthellae and grow well. In poorly nourished ones, we have the opposite.

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