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Agata Łobocka

I’m an industrial biotechnologist by education. I’m fascinated by microbiology and the influence of the microworld on everything that surrounds us. Professionally, I create products based on microorganisms that are more environmentally friendly than classic, popular preparations.
Before I started my adventure at Reef Factory, I was widely interested in freshwater aquaristics. In the world of marine aquaristics, I was most fascinated by the huge network of dependencies created by corals with their symbiotic microorganisms. These relationships perfectly show that organisms need their microfriends to function in health, and every element of this relationship benefits from it.
Privately, I’m interested in new technologies that counteract the negative impact of man on the environment. I'm also into self-development, cognitive science and popular science literature. I like to spend my free time actively, surrounded by beautiful nature.

I hope that my articles from the Biology section o ReefPedia will help you better understand the life in a marine aquarium.