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Chris Nixon

When I was growing up, I always dreamed about being a Marine Biologist, but job opportunities and other factors led me down a very different path in Structural Engineering. I have therefore had to enjoy the marine world as a hobbyist instead and have passionately being involved in the reefing world for the last 10 years.
Whilst at University, I worked part time at a Garden Centre which had its own tropical fish section, this occupied me for a few years before wanting to make the move to the salty side. This appears to be the natural progression that most in the hobby go through.
My latest successes have been able to fill a 75l nano, and then a 250l system to the point where I was itching to upgrade. I struggle to choose a favourite type of coral and have therefore always opted for the challenges that come with having a mixed reef. I have recently upgraded to a 5ft, 500 litre system which is big as I can go without structurally modifying my home! I hope to keep this one for many years to come and turn it into a thriving mixed reef, but maybe I’ll try my luck with more SPS this time!
I love watching the tank first thing on a morning with a hot coffee as the lights ramp up and you see everything come to life, fish come from out of their hideouts and the polyps on the corals open up.
Hopefully you enjoy the pieces I write and learn plenty from Reefpedia on the whole.